Too Many Hands


Genero: Country


Too Many Hands - The Eagles
Album - One of these nights
Track 2

Tuning - (654321)

Chords used-

D5 000000
G5 555555
F5 333333
E5 222222

[tab]MAIN RIFF - Now referred to as R1
+ + + + + + + +
G:--0---0-0-----0-0---------0-------|--0---0-0---------------------0-0-| X4

*With the bend, it is a quick bend and release.

[tab] D5
She's one of a kind[/tab]
Sometimes hard to find[/tab]
Like a rainbow
[tab] D5
Well, she's lost all her glory[/tab]
[tab] D5
And could tell you some stories[/tab]
That we all should know

[tab] G5 F5
And there's too many hands[/tab]
[tab] D5
Being laid on her[/tab]
[tab]G5 F5 D5
Too many eyes will never see[/tab]
[tab] G5
That it's dragging her down[/tab]
[tab] F5 E5
But you won't hear a sound as[/tab]
She turns 'round

Her beauty all aflight
It always seems to turn the tide
At midnight
And for her there is no rest
We are doing what is best
For our future

One of these days she may not
Be so good to you
One of these days she might
Chain you to the ground
But her fire is still burning
[tab] F5 E5 D5
And her heart is still yearning to be found (let ring)[/tab]

Solo - Guitar with slide. (Electric)
Acoustic - R1 until Chorus (x6)

And there's too many hands
Being laid on her
Too many eyes will never see
That it's dragging her down
But you won't hear a sound as
She turns 'round

Percussion interlude. x4
R1 without the open chords. x4
R1 Till fade out.