No More Walks In The Wood


Genero: Country


Hi, I've been looking and looking for this tab everywhere, but i can't find it so i 
i'd have a go at it. If you have any corrections, go to the No More walks in the Wood forum
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Capo 3rd Fret


No more walks in the wood
[tab] Am Em
The trees have all been cut down[/tab]
[tab]G Am Em
And where once they stood[/tab]
[tab] G Am
Not even a wagon rut[/tab]
[tab]Em C
Appears along the path[/tab]
[tab] G Am
Low brush is taking over[/tab]


No more walks in the wood
[tab] G
This is the aftermath[/tab]
[tab] Am Em G
Of afternoons in the clover fields[/tab]
[tab] C
Where we once made love[/tab]
[tab] G C
Then wandered home together[/tab]

[tab] G C Am
Where the trees arched above[/tab]
[tab] Em C
Where we made our own weather[/tab]
[tab] Am G
When branches were the sky[/tab]
[tab]Em C
Now they are gone for good[/tab]
[tab] G C
And you, for ill, and I[/tab]
Am Em
Am only A passer-by

[tab]G Am Em
We and the trees and the way[/tab]
[tab]G Am Em
Back from the fields of play[/tab]
[tab]G Am Em
Lasted as long as we could[/tab]
[tab]Em Am Em
No more walks in the wood[/tab]

Thanks, enjoy!!!!