After The Thrill Is Gone


Genero: Country



This is the way the eagles play this song.
Henley/ Frey 1975

[tab]G C G C
1)Same Dances in the same old shoes Some habits that you just cant lose[/tab]
2)Same dances in the same old shoes;you get to careful with the step you choose
[tab]Em G Em G
1)There's no tellin' what a man use After the thrill is gone[/tab]
2)You don't care bout winning but you don't want to lose
After the thrill is gone
[tab]G C G C
1)The flame rises but it soon descends Empty pages and a fronzen pen;[/tab]
2)Time passes and you must move on, Half the distance takes you twice as long
[tab]Em G Em G G/B
1)Your quite lovers and your not quite friends; After the thrill is gone x2 [/tab]
2)So you keep on singing for the sake of the song; After the thrill is gone x2

[tab] Em Bm7 Em
What can you do when your dreams come true and it not quite like you [/tab]
Your afraid you might fall out of fashion and your feeling cold

[tab]G Em Bm7 Cm6
planned; What have you done to be losing the one, you held it so tight in your [/tab]
small; Any kind of love without passion , that ain't no kind of loving at

[tab]D7sus /D7
hand [/tab]

[tab]Cm6 G
After the thrill is gone[/tab]