No Parade

Eagle-eye Cherry



Tabbed By: Jesper (JJ) BIG EEC FAN!!

Eagle-Eye Cherry - No Parade, was included on an US release of Present/Future. Very Good song!!

Am F

[tab] Am
1. What A day[/tab]
[tab] F
To come back home[/tab]
[tab] Am
What A day[/tab]
[tab] F
To face the past[/tab]
[tab] Am
What a day[/tab]
[tab] F
To be all Alone[/tab]
[tab] Am F
What a day, What a day[/tab]


[tab] Am C
There is no parade[/tab]
[tab] Am G
But I Didn't Mind[/tab]
[tab] Am D
Its Never easy can fail[/tab]
[tab] C D C
When Things change all the time [/tab]

[tab] Am F
2. Never Pray for a Hero's song[/tab]
[tab] Am F
Never Prey for a second chance[/tab]
[tab] Am F
Put My faith in what felt true[/tab]
[tab] Am F
She was all I need[/tab]

[tab]Ref: --//-- --//-- + An addition to this 2. refrain:[/tab]

Add to 2th ref:
[tab]Am C
I Always known that she[/tab]
[tab]Am G
Would remember me[/tab]
[tab]Am D
Within Memories Faith[/tab]
[tab]C D C
There is no Parade[/tab]

[tab] Am
3. Took good breath[/tab]
[tab] F
From the winter cold[/tab]
[tab] Am
Gave your tear[/tab]
[tab] F
To the empty row[/tab]
[tab] Am F
You know, It goes mad[/tab]
[tab] Am F
It's hard to forget[/tab]

Ref: (Both Refrains) --//-- --//--

"There is no parade"4x