All To Thee

E. D. Baker



All to Thee

Verse 1
[tab]D Em A D
I have heard the voice of Jesus calling clearly “follow Me”[/tab]
[tab]D Em A D
No one else could ever promise Life eternal and so free[/tab]

[tab]Bm Em A D
All to Thee, I give my all to Thee, All to Thee, Thine only will I be[/tab]
[tab]D Em A Em D
All to Thee O Christ of Calvary, My prayer shall ever be, my all to Thee[/tab]
Verse 2
[tab]D Em A D
Tho’ unworthy of salvation, Jesus sought me for His own[/tab]
[tab]D Em A D
On the cross He died to save me, Now I long to make Him Known[/tab]
Verse 3
[tab]D Em A D
Only Jesus is the answer for the happiness we seek[/tab]
[tab]D Em A D
He alone can lift life’s burden, And give strength unto the weak[/tab]