Billy And Sue

B.j. Thomas

Album: Country
Genero: Pop

Tablatura (Ver letra)

Billy And Sue:BJ Thomas.
#23 RPM CANADA and #34 on BB Hot 100
on SCEPTER Records in 1966.


[tab]C Am C
This is the story about Billy and Sue, they were [/tab]
[tab] Am
as in love as were any two.[/tab]
[tab] C G F
And yet Billy had to die..and when you hear the [/tab]
[tab] G C Am
reason why, you'll hang your head and cry.[/tab]

[tab]C Am C
Billy and Sue met the first day of school and ever [/tab]
[tab] Am
since lived by the Golden Rule.[/tab]
[tab] C G F
Because they'll do unto others, what you wouldn't [/tab]
[tab] G C Am
want done to'd have to be a fool.[/tab]

[tab] C Am
This mutual agreement of love and trust, they would [/tab]
[tab]C Am
travel the road to marriage or bust.[/tab]
[tab] C G
And when Billy was old enough to take a wife, he was [/tab]
[tab]F G C Am
old enough to fight for his country and its way of life.[/tab]

[tab]Bm Gbm A
Sues' letters came every day..strengthened his cause, [/tab]
[tab] Em F
they showed him the way, to fight for his country and [/tab]
[tab] C G Am Bm
the girl he loved..that's a soldier's only pay.[/tab]

[tab] D Bm D
But then Billy heard no more from Sue, he was worried [/tab]
[tab] Bm
sick, but what could he do?[/tab]
[tab] D A
The bullets were screaming as he hugged the ground,[/tab]
[tab] G A D Bm
and back home..Sue was runnin' round.[/tab]

[tab]D Bm D
Billy was gettin' less and less strong, his hope, his fate, [/tab]
[tab] Bm
was almost gone.[/tab]
[tab] D A G
And then like a miracle a letter appeared..Billy tore the [/tab]
[tab] A D Bm
letter open and he read, Dear John.[/tab]
[tab] D Bm D
A look came over Billy that would scare a ghost..a familiar [/tab]
[tab] Bm
look seen on soldiers coast to coast.[/tab]
[tab] D A G
And even though the air was filled with lead, Billy jumped [/tab]
[tab] A D Bm
up..they shot him dead.[/tab]

[tab]D Bm D
Billy was buried in a far away grave, it read, for his country, [/tab]
[tab] Bm
his life he gave.[/tab]
[tab] D A G
But that epitaph was only in part..he didn't die from a bullet, [/tab]
[tab] A D Bm
but he died, from a broken heart.[/tab]

......D Bm D Bm D Bm......(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.