There Must Be A Better World

B.b. King

Album: There Must Be a Better World Somewhere
Genero: Pop R-b

Tablatura (Ver letra)

There Must be a Better World Somewhere
BB King (Deuces Wild)

Hi folks--wasn't here so I tabbed it. This is the version with Dr. John. BB plays the
like nobody alive (play it in Ab maj). The % = repeat last bar. --best, Mo Love

Intro: AbFmDb - Eb

[tab]|Ab | % |
Sometimes I wonder[/tab]
[tab]| Ab7 | % |
Just what am I fighting for?[/tab]
[tab]|Db | Db/A |
I win some battles[/tab]
[tab]| Dbm | % |
But I always lose the war[/tab]
[tab]|Ab |Fm |
I keep right on stumblin'[/tab]
[tab]| Db |Eb |
In this no-man's land out here[/tab]

[tab]| Ab |Fm |
But I know—Mmmmm yes I know[/tab]
[tab]|Db |Eb |
There must be a better world somewhere[/tab]
(once through chorus chords again)

Flying high
Some joker clips my wings
Just because he gets a kick
Out of doing those kind of things
I keep on fallin' in space
Or just hangin' in mid-air

But I know—Ohh yes I know
There has just got to be a better world somewhere
(then |Ab | Db | Ab | % |)

[tab]Db Ab
Everybody I know, Only loves they’ self[/tab]
[tab]Db Ab
Every woman I love, Seems to love somebody else[/tab]
[tab]Db Bm
And every woman Got a license to break my heart[/tab]
[tab]Bb Eb
And every love is over before it gets a chance to start[/tab]

SOLO (once through verse chords) BREAK again

In a year Maybe in the year after
Instead of tears I'll learn all about laughter
But meanwhile I'm stuck out here, It just ain't fair,

But I know, Oh yes, I know
There must be a better world somewhere
There's just gotta be
Gotta be a better world somewhere