Never Make Your Move Too Soon

B.b. King

Genero: Pop


[tab](F)Three days of snow in Birmingham,
Thought you would wonder where I am.[/tab]
Rang our number all nite long,
It's no comfort on the telephone.
[tab](Bb)Ran out and caught a midnight flight,
Thought a little love would make everything all right.[/tab]
[tab](F)The landlord said you moved away
and left me all your bills to pay.[/tab]
(G)Look out baby,(Bb)You might have made your move too (F) soon.

[tab](F)Left me with a keno card
This life in Vegas sure ain't hard.[/tab]
I ran it up to about 50 grand
Cashed it in and held it in my hand.
[tab](Bb)That kind of word can get around,
And make a lost love come up found.[/tab]
(F)I hear you knocking baby, at my door
But you know you ain't living here no more,it's too bad(G)
(Bb)I think you made your move too (F) soon.


[tab](F)I've been from Spain to Tokyo from Africa to Tokyo
I never tried to make the news [/tab]
I'm just a man who plays the blues.
[tab](Bb)I take my lovin' everywhere
I come back, and they still care, you know[/tab]
[tab](F)One love ahead, one love behind.
One in my arms and one on my mind.[/tab]
There's one thing (G) baby
(Bb)Inever make my move too soon(F)