Letra de Daring Mare


Genero: Pop

Letra de Daring Mare (Ver tablatura)

You've got to break through
You keep your eyes peeled cause they're after you
You can't turn back now
Get your eye on the prize and wipe the the sweat from your brow

You're a brave and daring mare
Your job ain't easy, but you're gonna get there
So don't look away
Time is running out; it's up to you to save the day

It's all up to you, so don't pretend
Cause no one else can save you in the end
But you're a thrill-seeking, action-taking mare;
Don't be scared!

Daring-Do, you give us grace and light
When all our other hope is gone
But underneath it all, you're just like one of us
You look into the blackest night
Cause you can see the dawn
You're the only one we trust

Daring-Do, your will and fortutude
Can get you through most anything
In the face of danger, you remain brave
Your righteous attitude
Can make up for a broken wing
So take up your hat! Set off to save the day!

Around every bend
New challengers approach, and they don't wanna be friends
Respond to them in kind
They may be tough, but they don't have your heart and your mind

Don't be abashed
Just keep your wits about you or you're gonna get thrashed
Keep your fire alive
No one can outlast you if you just have the drive